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Market Watch: AI Robots Are The Thing To Look Out For in 2024

AI robots are the next big thing.

By Evan J. Cholfin

Figure 01

With the incredible power of machine learning being incorporated into advanced robotics, we are going to see very soon a number of AI-powered machines, and 2024 may just be declared “The Year of the AI Robot”.

One such mind-blowing demo comes from Figure 01, a robot that responds to humans and interacts with daily household objects, including discerning and handing an edible apple to a hungry human, and explaining why it did so while putting away trash.

Figure 01 Video

We know it’s here to stay when company that developed the robot, Figure, has received a $675 million investment from Jeff Bezos, AI chipmaker Nvidia, ChatGPT-maker OpenAI and others.

Competitors in China, Japan, and Norway are simply astounding.

EX Robot Video

EX Robots is famed for creating robots that are nearly indistinguishable from humans.

Jinki Ittai Robot Video

While still human-operated, Jinki Ittai has created robots to perform heavy industry tasks that prove dangerous for humans.

EVE Robot Video

Norwegian 1X Technologies has created EVE, which is fully autonomous and designed to work independently alongside humans, including cleaning up after us.

We are not sure yet which companies will take the lead, but what is clear is that the race for commercialized humanoid robots is on.

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